As an independent Unity game developer, I continuously explore novel gameplay mechanics and conceptualize innovative ideas. As a result, I have produced several game prototypes, which I frequently share on Twitter. This page highlights some of the prototypes and other works that I have developed over the years.
Wizard's Wool - Action Platformer Tower Defense

    I was responsible for the development of an action platformer tower defense game that involved collaboration with a level designer and modeler. The game features unique gameplay mechanics, with players assuming the role of a wizard tasked with protecting their livestock. Among others, I designed and implemented a system for acquiring and building towers, as well as incorporating different wand features to enhance gameplay.

    This project served as an opportunity for professional growth as a Unity developer. The scope of work involved implementing advanced AI behaviors for enemies and livestock, integrating diverse tower and wizard wand mechanics, honing skills in developing finite state machines, and mastering Unity's Timeline feature for creating cutscenes.

    Video shows the gameplay of Wizard's Wool, highlighting tower building mechanic, livestock rescuing, enemy AI as well as variety of wands.

    Good Doggo

    My favourite part, coding the pet dog to play fetch and react to getting washed!

Grid-Based Deck Building Dungeon Crawler

    This project is a dungeon crawling deck builder game, which utilizes a turn-based grid system.
    Initial prototype

    Made some implementations with basic cubes. Checking pathfinding and enemy attacks.


    Cards, deck system and dungeon graphics implemented.

    Forest Style

    Another environment test, forest.

A Medieval House Flipper?

    This was a take on making a building construction system. The idea of the gameplay was you're running a house construction business in the medieval ages.
    This project allowed me to further develop my expertise in grid-based game mechanics within Unity, which has been invaluable in subsequent projects.

    Props on the scene use physics and will interact with other furnishings.


    Now you've seen a medieval toilet!

And many more prototypes

    The following are some of my many prototype and mini game projects that I've done.
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    Arrow's flight in Unity.

    Inspired by Fenyx Rising's Odysseus challenge, made in Unity.

    Arrow's flight in Unreal

    This one was made in my early days of trying Unreal Engine 4.

    First person horror game

    Was fun making the mannequins stop when they became visible on screen.

    With mobile control

    The game ran pretty well on mobile too.

    Another golf game concept

    Saw this mechnic in a 2D game, and decided to try implementing in a 3D environment.

    No-button shooter

    A no-button shooter game. You move and look towards the mouse position.