On this page, you'll find my resume and all the information you need to know about my experience, skills, and interests as a game developer and designer.
Summary/Objective Statement

    Experienced game developer and designer with a passion for creating unique and engaging game experiences. Seeking a challenging position in a dynamic game development team where I can utilize my skills in programming, design, and project management to create exceptional games. Proficient in game prototypes and concepts, utilizing my knowledge of game design principles to develop innovative game mechanics.

Areas of Expertise
    • Unity 3D   • C#   • Defold   • Lua   • Construct   • GDevelop   • Mobile Games   • Web Games   • Desktop Games   • Rapid Prototyping   • PHP   • ASP / ASP.Net   • Visual Basic .Net   • Java   • JavaScript   • HTML & BootStrap   • ABAP (SAP)   • GIT   • Monetization   • App Store Optimization (ASO)   • Leadership  

  • Led a team of four to win first place and a $20k prize in the Quick Play 2022 Game Development Competition, having developed the award-winning game, Pulang Kampung, within a one-week timeframe.
  • Successfully launched a mini golf game on Google Play that exceeded 5 million downloads within two months, as well as a football game that has achieved similar success with over 20 million downloads to date.
  • Developed a 2D settlement-building game with a tower defense-style gameplay mechanic within 10 days for the GDevelop game jam competition, earning second place.
  • Led a team of three to successfully complete a real-time strategy game with tug-of-war gameplay mechanics within a two-week timeframe.
  • Completed numerous prototype games, including a realistic first-person horror game, a city building game, a building construction game, a deck-building game, and a football game played by tanks, among others as showcased on the prototypes page.

Career Profile

  • Independent, Game Developer (September 2011 - Present)
    • Design game play mechanics for a variety of games from 3D mini golf to 2-player football game, as well as strategy and turn based games.
    • Programmed games mechanic in C# for Unity 3D, with exposure to programming in Lua for the Defold game engine.
    • Rapidly made 2D prototype games in GDevelop, a no-code game engine.
    • Explored networking implementation in Unity via the Photon networking framework.
    • Gameplay AI implementation using Unity's navmesh.
    • Implemented tweening via DoTween to polish UI and gameplay.

  • Crescent Moon Games, Freelance Game Developer (January 2021 - Present)
    • Joined as a solo game developer for a 3D action tower defense game.
    • Developed a top-down 3rd person action shooter character controller. The character included shooting, carrying/throwing and riding mechanics.
    • Programmed multiple tower mechanics for a tower defense game.
    • Implemented shop, farming and plant growing mechanic as collectibles.
    • Learned Unity‚Äôs Timeline to create cutscenes.
    • Worked on unique FSM based boss battles and enemies AI.
    • Developed a physics-based endless runner mobile game with enemies and physics environmental hazards.

  • Diagonal Consulting, ABAP(SAP) Consultant (September 2008 - September 2011)
    • Provided ABAP support to a diverse range of local and international clients, such as Danone, EMI, Steelcase, Jabatan Akauntan Negara, Henkel, and other notable organizations.
    • Demonstrated expertise in troubleshooting complex ABAP-related issues and devising innovative solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements.
    • Collaborated closely with functional consultants to create detailed technical documentation and accurate development estimates.
    • Possessed hands-on experience with various ABAP tools, including ABAP reports, ALV, SAPScript, Function Modules, OSS implementation, LSMW, and SAPFTP, among others.

  • AXON Solutions, ABAP(SAP) Consultant (June 2006 - September 2008)
    • Contributed to the HR module implementation for JTI's ASEAN rollout and the development of arrears and income tax (EA Form) generation programs for RHB Bank.
    • Developed ICSS for Xerox's European CRM on-site in the United Kingdom using NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS).
    • Participated in the SAP rollout for Xerox Europe as an ICWC developer, as well as other developments such as BAdIs, reports, Function Modules, and LSMW for European and American clients.

  • Note on older roles:
    I have experience working with various programming languages including Visual Basic, Java, and ASP/ASP.NET. I have worked on projects such as human resource management systems and sales systems, and have experience with remote function calls (RFC) interfaces.


    • University of Lincolnshire & Humberside / BSc. (HONS) in Computing and Information Systems
    JUNE 2000, UK

    • Kolej Damansara Utama / Higher Diploma in Computing and Information Systems


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