Introducing my completed works page - here you can explore a variety of my game development projects, all available to play and experience firsthand.

    Wargreeks is a "tug-of-war" lite-strategy game set within the mythical ancient Greek universe during the Peloponnesian War. Act as the Wise Athena, commanding the faithful and disciplined Athens soldiers to battle, or take control as the Mighty Ares, unleashing fierce Spartan warriors and foul creatures from hell to Earth.
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Pulang Kampung (Back Home in Malay/Indonesian)

    This fantasy endless-runner-roguelike hybrid mobile game was the winner of the Quick Play 2022 game competition. It features grid-based enemies and environment hazards, while also implementing hunger and health mechanics and random events. The gameplay mechanics are influenced by Crossy Road.
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    This is a game with settlement-building mechanics mixed with tower defense aspects, resources gathering and defending your Burg from the invaders!
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Here are some other games I've made and published.
Mini Golf
Football World Cup
Mad Elephant Studios

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Oshi's Journey

    A physics based fun mini game inspired by Badlands (Mobile friendly).

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Sheep Doggo

    Control a sheep dog to guide the sheep back to their safe pen.

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Micro Mini-Golf

    Play a single-screen 2D mini golf game. (Mobile friendly)

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